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group limit is reached / How do I group my vehicles:!?
Left-click on a vehicle, and then right-click on another vehicle. Then they will form a group. They must be of the same type. (So for example, both Penhalto)

How can I increase the limit group?
The more bases you have the higher is the group limit.
The group limit has the following formula: Group limit = root (number of bases / 10) * 10
1 Base -> Group limit 3,1
2 Bases -> Group limit 4,5
3 Bases -> Group limit 5,5
4 Bases -> Group limit 6,3
5 Bases -> Group limit 7,1
6 Bases -> Group limit 7,7
The group limit only applies to the current map. So, for example if you have on Map11 three bases on Map11 you will have a group limit of 5.5. But how many bases you have on other maps has no effect on Map11.

- Press PageUp to let all own unit flash on the minimap (to see better where they are)

- press F11 to switch to full screen mode

- You can select all units on the map with the Pos1 or Home button

- position your units near your base before you go offline. if someone want attack you, one must fight against the tanks AND the defense | Astro Conquest | Impressum | Support