Molvernit refineryproduces Molvernit. Molvernit is needed to build stations.
Metal refineryproduziert Metall. Metal is needed to build stations and ships.
Veridium refineryproduziert Veridium. Veridium is needed to build ships
Fuel refineryproduces Fuel. If a ship is moving it consumes fuel. To use the wormhole you need fuel.
Starbase canonBase defense. If all canons are destroyed, the star base can be conquered by the conquest ship
Base commandIncreases the base points maximum by 1 point
Military CentralIncreases the military points maximum by 100 points
MinisteryIncreases the economy points maximum by 100 points
Sensor phalanxincreases sight field for the star base
Jammerjams the area around the star base, so the enemy can only see fog of war
Detector stationdetects ships with cloaking device

Production stations:
Astro Conquest Molvernit
Molvernit refinery
Astro Conquest Metall
Metal refinery
Astro Conquest Veridium
Veridium refinery
Astro Conquest Treibstoff
Fuel refinery

Maximum stations:
Military Central
Base Command

More stations:
Astro Conquest Sensor phalanx
Sensor phalanx
Astro Conquest Jammer
Jammer Station
Astro Conquest Detektor
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